KAMARUL BAHRIN BIN HARON TV Journalist, Editor & Anchor

Kamarul Bahrin Bin Haron is a multiple award winning TV journalist, editor and anchor in Malaysia with 23 years of experience in reporting and producing news & current affairs content. Kamarul is currently the Deputy Editor in Chief for the 24 hours News and Current Affairs channel in Malaysia called Astro Awani.

This bachelor of broadcasting graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang goes live on prime time TV and web streaming every Monday to Friday discussing the latest and most relevant issues of the day in the evening prime talk show called Agenda Awani which after the last #GE14 is a new Malaysia special named 100 Hari Malaysia Baharu (New Malaysia: 100 days) His staple focus areas include civil society, political & government transformation, globalization, sustainability, innovation, social empowerment, inclusiveness, disruptions and entrepreneurship.

Kamarul is currently on a mission to find and build new ways and partnerships to leverage on big data driven journalism for the channel. This ranges from data dashboards and real time data to fake news verification to user generated content and citizen journalism integration.